leise rieselt der schnee…

outside the snow is softly falling, and i find myself wishing for a large fireplace, a cup of home-made hot chocolate and an endless supply of both time, and good reading material.   this year's holiday season feels like it is passing by faster than it should. the endless list of christmas concerts, banquets and parties fill up my time, leaving less for the things that truly matter. so, here's to a weekend of getting


you know that feeling, when you are waiting for something in the mail, and you are super excited? you don't have it quite yet, but you know that as soon as it arrives, life will be that much better. this is exactly how i feel about my life at the moment. i'm close, oh so close, to something great... but yet not quite there yet. for someone who is not a fan of suspense, the

updates planned … oh yeah!

alright, world wide web!   it has been done! i will officially be getting my adobe cs6 sometime this week. i am ecstatic. i sit on pins and needles awaiting its joyous arrival into my world.   yup, i will post how much i absolutely love it. count on it. to look at the newest features, go here and join me in this little updating adventure. i have been told that there are cookies on

i wish that

i knew what i know now, when i was younger...   so, this song has been playing in my head a lot the past few weeks. after a long conversation with my mom over skype this week, i noted how it doesn't seem like i'm learning my trade fast enough, yet when i look back to even a year ago, i see how incredibly much i have indeed learned. i am so thankful for each

the search for the obvious

i always find it interesting the way that life makes us search for the obvious.   there have been quite a few situations in my (relatively) few years, many design related, where the solution is the most obvious and simple idea, yet has eluded me through many hours, days, weeks and even months of searching. what i appreciate is the fact that those i chose to surround myself with help to sift and eventually point

the magical cure

have you ever noticed how music can cure almost anything that ails you, even just for a moment? i love that aspect of art, be it audio or visual.   so, if you are having a day of "gah", "bah" or "ugh", i encourage you to plug in your favourite tunes, and blast it! as for me, i'm doing handel's "israel in egypt". not your standard music, but great tunes non the

communication; lost art?

today i learned (or re-learned, if you will) a valuable lesson about client-designer communication. you can have too much, and you can have too little, but having a balance that works for both parties is insanely important.   i also realized how important lists are while keeping up with communication. while working on design work for large format print shop, certain file formats are crucial for work to be printed correctly, as well as colour