the search for the obvious

i always find it interesting the way that life makes us search for the obvious.   there have been quite a few situations in my (relatively) few years, many design related, where the solution is the most obvious and simple idea, yet has eluded me through many hours, days, weeks and even months of searching. what i appreciate is the fact that those i chose to surround myself with help to sift and eventually point

the magical cure

have you ever noticed how music can cure almost anything that ails you, even just for a moment? i love that aspect of art, be it audio or visual.   so, if you are having a day of "gah", "bah" or "ugh", i encourage you to plug in your favourite tunes, and blast it! as for me, i'm doing handel's "israel in egypt". not your standard music, but great tunes non the

communication; lost art?

today i learned (or re-learned, if you will) a valuable lesson about client-designer communication. you can have too much, and you can have too little, but having a balance that works for both parties is insanely important.   i also realized how important lists are while keeping up with communication. while working on design work for large format print shop, certain file formats are crucial for work to be printed correctly, as well as colour