the challenge:

create a 16 page booklet about a font face of my choice. pages that needed to be included were a title page, table of contents, history spread, weights and anatomy and special characters.


the solution:

through my research i discovered that this font face was influenced by 3 different designers. garamond created the original typeface for the printing press, and 60 years later, jannon refined and built on garamond’s work. jannon’s working punches, however, were lost. hundreds of years later, jannon’s punches were rediscovered and accidentally credited solely to garamond. the error was recently resolved and the typeface was then reformatted by slimbach for the digital age. i decided that each of the original designers would have a circle and a colour representing them. (orange and blue) where they merge and green is formed, represents the influence of the original work on what we see today: slimbach’s interpretation.

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