| pronounced klik – ahh |

the challenge:

create a name and design a unique visual identity for a new south edmonton photography studio. the look had to be modern and fresh as well as readable and functional. once the logo design was completed, a business stationery concept that would continue the look and feel of the brand was needed.

the solution:

using a very clean and edgy typeface, by inverting the second k to form the outlines of the camera and the a to form the fist holding it, we were able to create the illusion of a hand holding a camera and pressing the shutter button.


for the business stationary, the feature element of the logo was turned into a pattern. this became the backside of the letterhead. the element was tied in again on the front with an enlarged swoosh, leaving ample room for all the type needed. the concept went slightly darker with the cards, letting the crisp white of the logo pop against the dark background.