the challenge:

to create the visual identity, labels, packaging and business stationery for “lazy days wine,” a British Columbia private reserve winery. this wine is based out of vancouver island, only a short 2 minute drive from the beach.
The clients had interesting views on what they wanted for the visuals. on one hand, it had to be bubbly, relaxing, soft and fruity, like the wine itself. on the other hand, she loved the idea of 3 or four lines creating everything you need to know. bubbly yet linear. what a challenge!


the solution:
one thing that i looked at in my research was ways to relax on a beach. there was the classic beach chair, but i loved the idea of a hammock tied between two trees, slowly rocking in the breeze. looking at a hammock, i tried to take it down to its smallest elements, the stringed area that loops to the tree. it created a cool, sun-rayed look that could become many shapes. i then played around with the text and noticed,that stacked, the “y”s in lazy and day lined up pretty well… and when things are lazy, they tend to droop.
so, the inverted y (which is also the symbol for lambda and light) was added. i then tried to integrate the picture and the words, and both parts came together to create the beach umbrella embedded in the text.