The challenge:

The Richard Eaton Singers requested promotional posters for their 2015/2016 concert season. The concert titles are “O Gladsome Light” and “This Mortal Coil.” as in previous RES concert seasons, the client was very firm in her stipulation that the two poster designs relate to each other in some visually thematic way.


The solution:

My initial concept was to represent the “Mortal Coil” in a fragile heart shape made of twisted rope which houses our human essence, our spirit, our soul. The twisted rope could then be used to hang a lantern as the guiding image for the “Gladsome Light.” When this concept was presented to the client, she loved it and stipulated that the lantern must be the Italian lamp known as a “lampada.”


The image of the twisted rope suspending the “Gladsome Light” morphing into the “Mortal Coil” in the shape of the heart was the nexus connecting these two otherwise diverse concepts. Through careful alignment of the ropes on each poster, the connectedness becomes unmistakable, especially when the posters are placed side by side.