I have had the pleasure of working with Edmonton’s Richard Eaton Singers for the choir’s 2013/2014 concert series.


The season started off with the design of promotional materials brought to Ggermany for the 60th anniversary tour. This piece highlighted the iconic Albertan mountains while strategically placing in Canada’s national symbol–the maple leaf.


The second project was the November Remembrance Day concert. While going for simplicity and readability, it also needed to be striking. The crisp red background and the white poppy provide design contrast, while preserving the symbolism of the poppy.


The final project was the creation of the “Bach’s b-Minor Mass” material. The client wanted to carry over the look and spirit of theNovember concert within the Bach piece. The church outline seen in white was traced from the stone carvings of the entrance to the church where Bach was composer in residence–the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. This was also a destination that the choir had the honour of performing at while on tour.


I look forward to working on the choir’s 2014/2015 promotional materials.