you know that feeling, when you are waiting for something in the mail, and you are super excited? you don’t have it quite yet, but you know that as soon as it arrives, life will be that much better. this is exactly how i feel about my life at the moment. i’m close, oh so close, to something great… but yet not quite there yet. for someone who is not a fan of suspense, the question of “when” or “what” is quite overwhelming.


i have decided to find peace in it. yes. i have decided. a conscious effort in looking towards that namaste. perhaps by focusing on me, i will also achieve some personal growth in the process. so, dear portfolio, dear self and dear world… prepare for some changes!


as a side note, i had dinner with a friend and peer tonight. over hawaiian pork stew and rice we discussed design. it was wonderful. the collaboration of design is totally something that i need in my life. thanks klp for your wisdom!