Rowington’S Sweets

The challenge:

French marcrons, anyone‽

To create a modern, fun and functional branding identity for a local start up. Rowinton’s Sweets is a home-made snack shop, whose staple, the french macron, is created especially for her farmers’ market clientelle. The client specified that the branding be able to be carried effortlessly across all areas of her business, from the lables and packaging to her stall signage and business stationery.

The solution:

Through consultations, we agreed that teal was the perfect, vibrant colour that she needed to catch the attention of the casual farmers’ market visitors. The introduction of the script brought a touch of fun to the design, while the use of the circles brought a retro signage feel that resonates with the feel of the brand.

Rowington’s Sweets

This one-woman bakery was a staple at St. Albert and Edmonton Farmer’s markets! Her specialty, the French Macron, was always perfectly moist and delightfully delicious!

This project included:

Branding Identity

business cards

Product labels

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