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the edmonton wedding scene does not cease to amaze me. the people are all truly wonderful, and such an inspiration to me.

the last few months i have had the honor of being featured in numerous blog posts, for which i am very excited!


nicole schell, from [breathless moments], posted a wonderful article [read here] and  brought back many memories that we shared in jr./sr. high school. she is such a jem!


funmi, from [fo photography], featured a new project that i am working on—an [etsy] store for template wedding stationery. you can read the article, and see the fantastic photos that she took for me [here]. she also took some new head shots of me. she is such a wonderful friend and mentor!


and finally, mariah, from [elegant earth decor] gave me a shout out for designing the invitations for her 30th, birthday party! you can read the post [here] and see all of the fantastic pictures, once again taken by fo photography.


thank you all for being such a support to me as i branch out into this new “wedding territory”. i look forward to many more collaborations!