i’ve been doing a lot of freelance work over the last while and this past week has been a bit of a crash course with a steep, yet fulfilling learning curve.

[column_full] here are just a few of the things that i learned:

  • i need to schedule my time more effectively
  • every second of my design work counts, and has a value attached to it
  • my business goals now matter more than ever–where do i see this going in the next month, half year, year etc.
  • a business plan and proper pricing is essential–that second of design time, how much is it worth? how about printing services?
  • marketing your business does not come cheap, but can be priceless if you do it well
  • i have amazing peers in the industry that i can ask for advice

there is still much to learn! i am certainly excited to see where this goes.


that being said, if there are any questions that you have regarding wedding stationery or graphic design in general, i would love to blog about it! feel free to [contact me] with your questions/blog suggestions. my goal is to do a new blog post weekly on wednesdays.